25+ final year project ideas on web development for university students

Are you a final-year university student with a passion for web development, but struggling to find that perfect project idea? Look no further! In this article, we’ve curated over 25 inspiring web development project ideas to kickstart your final-year journey.

Before we start with the list of different projects in web development, We should be aware of the field in which we will be working.

What is Web Development?

Developing and managing websites and online apps that are available via the internet is referred to as web development.

Websites may be created and managed for a variety of uses, from simple personal blogs to e-commerce sites and web-based software programs. This requires a combination of programming, design, and other components.

Importance of Web Development Projects

Working on web development projects is a great way for developers to gain hands-on experience on real-world projects and also help in making skills and concepts stronger.

  1. Hands-on learning: By working on practical web development projects, students can get real-world experience. In comparison with theory alone, these projects help students in understanding and practical learning.
  2. Building Portfolio: Working on a project helps undergrad students build their portfolios to show their work to different recruiters. A portfolio helps students present their skills to multiple clients.
  3. Problem Solving: Students learn how to handle complex problems by working on real-world projects. furthermore developing critical thinking, which helps students in finding effective solutions to issues.
  4. Enhance Creativity: Working on web development projects and developing different designs according to the requirements helps enhance user design and development.

Web Development Projects for University Students

1. Portfolio Website

A portfolio website is one of the most important projects of web development that every undergraduate should build during their graduation. Creating personalized portfolios and working on different designs helps students enhance their skills.

Source CodeModern Responsive Portfolio

2. Background Generator

A background generator is a CSS project with a small javascript function in which, as the user clicks on the generator button, a javascript event occurs and it changes the background color randomly. This project aims to improve JavaScript concepts. You can also upgrade it to a Gradient Generator Website.

Source CodeBackground Generator

3. E-Commerce Websites

A website that enables clients to purchase digitally from the comfort of their homes is known as an e-commerce website  Students learn how to use modern technology and create the greatest websites for an amazing user experience by working on these projects.

Source CodeEcommerce Website

4. Whatsapp Clone

WhatsApp is a social media platform that helps users connect with their family living at a distance, and WhatsApp Web is a complex UI design application that includes multiple sections, like group sections, community sections, story sections, and calling sections. Working on these big types of projects helps developers gain new design skills.

Source CodeWhatsApp Web Interface Clone using HTML and CSS

5. Weather App

An application that helps us determine the weather in various cities and nations is called a weather app. Weather APIs are used in the weather app to provide precise information about the weather across several websites. This is an excellent project for beginners to learn about APIs and how to retrieve and request data via API in a weather application. These projects help build strong concepts of APIs and backend development.

Source Codeweather app

6. Login Form

A login form is a user authentication form that is used on websites to give access to verified users. Login forms are used as security methods for authenticating verified users on the website to protect against data leakage. Login forms are the best project for university students to work on their skills and gain practical knowledge.

Source CodeLogin form with validation using HTML CSS & JS

7. Quiz App

The Quiz App is a simple gaming project for beginners. A quiz app is a web development project that uses the form element and radio buttons With the help of JavaScript, we create a function that checks if the option chosen is correct or not and displays the result to the user.

Source CodeEasy Survey / Quiz / Questionnaire

8. Restaurant Website

Online restaurant menus are available for clients to purchase from the comfort of their homes on digital platforms known as restaurant websites. A restaurant-style website gives the developer practical experience and boosts confidence.

Source CodeRestaurant website

9. Social Media Clone

A social media clone website is a web development project or platform that mimics the features and functionalities of an established social media network, such Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Understanding the concepts of design, animations, and color contrast selection for a website can be helped by looking at clone webpages.

Source CodeFacebook Landing Page Clone

10. 404 Page

“404 pages,” also known as error code pages, usually show up when a website is down. The 404 page is an essential part of a website that informs visitors when anything is incorrect. This is the page that the user sees when there is an issue with the last portion of the webpage.

Source Codeen 404 page

11. Expense Tracker

A real-time web application platform that tracks every transaction is called an expense tracker. An expense tracker records all transactions using a real-time application that analyzes and presents the transaction data to the user.

Source CodeExpense Tracker

12. Task Management System

An online tool called a task management system aids users in managing several jobs at once. Task management is an application designed to assist users to organize and complete many activities on a scheduled basis. 

Source CodeTask Management UI

13. Social Media Dashboard

A social media dashboard is a real-time web application that gathers data from many social media networks, presents the data in an orderly manner, and tracks user behavior on multiple social media sites.

Source CodeSocial Media-Dashboard-UI

14. Reminder App

Reminder apps are timer-based apps, which allow the user to set a precise time for when to remember or notify others. The user inputs the time and date into the reminder app. Then, using a javascript function, we continuously reduce the timing according to the schedule, and an alarm sound is provided to the user when the timing reaches zero.

Source CodeRemindMe App Concept (CSS animations & mobile)

15. To-Do List App

A to-do list app is a mobile application or software program made to help people or groups prioritize tasks, manage workloads, and plan their daily, weekly, or monthly activities. A task scheduling app that allows us to add, remove, and modify tasks is called a Todo app.

Source CodeSimple Todo List

16. Room Reservation System

A reservation system is an online application that helps users reserve rooms in hotels. A reservation system accepts the request from the user and displays it to the hotel managers, and then, according to the vacant list, the room is allotted to the user, and all the data is updated in the software to prevent data duplication.

Source CodeA room reservation request

17. Blogging Website

One of the most significant web development projects is creating a blogging website. Blogging websites are used to communicate ideas and solutions to people. Websites that blog allow developers to improve their front-end and database skills.

Source Coderesponsive blog website

18. Fitness Tracker App

A fitness tracker application is an online tool that provides multiple features to the clients like workout plans, diet plans, exercise sets, and performance analytics which helps us to manage workout schedules and keep a track record on the website for analyzing the health report. This type of project is a complete package of design and development

Source CodeFitness App

19. Online Market

As the name suggests The online market is an online marketplace where consumers may buy any kind of product, including food, clothing, gadgets, and raw materials. It requires a deep understanding of product requirements and market data to create these kinds of websites. These projects help college students in creating a complete website as a group project.

Source CodeOnline Store

20. Transcripter Application

An online tool or platform known as a “transcriptor application” is designed to automate the process of turning audio or video input into text. Transcript Applications are used to create written transcripts from recorded speeches, interviews, podcasts, and video content. This project uses APIs and a browser microphone to record data.

Source CodeSpeech-to-text Converter

21. Weather Forecast Website

A weather forecast website helps you predict the weather forecast for the next 7 days based on your search locations. We use weather APIs to fetch weather data for the next 7 days from weather data servers.

During this project, you will build features like weather search via zip code, view current temperature and humidity, check wind speeds, and another forecast for the next 5–7 days.

Source CodeWeather Forecast App with many features

22. Health Care Management System

It is a web application that keeps the records of multiple patients in the same place. This healthcare management system allows users to manage patient data, create bills, and generate reports. Many big hospitals require this type of management system to manage patients’ large amounts of data that helps them fetch user data.

Source CodeHospital Website Sample With Various Features

23. Music Streaming App

A music streaming platform is an online platform that stores multiple songs and playlists in a database and uses the music player function to play, pause, and click the next button for the music app. The project enhances problem-solving skills, encourages collaboration, and can strengthen a student’s portfolio for future job opportunities in the growing music streaming industry.

Source CodePotify – A mini Music Player ❤️

24. Temperature Converter App

A temperature converter is a web application that is used to convert recorded temperatures from one unit to another. Inside the temperature converter, we create a form for inputting temperatures in one unit, a select menu to select the unit, and a button that triggers a javascript function that uses a standard formula to convert temperatures from one unit to another.

Source CodeTemperature Converter Using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

25. Neumorphism Calculator

A calculator is the most common project that every college student submits as a project. A calculator is a software program that is used to do larger calculations. An online calculator performs all the functions that a normal calculator performs, along with an interactive user interface.

Source CodeNeumorphism/Soft UI JavaScript Calculator | Dark mode ON/OFF


Students pursuing their graduation need to submit their final year projects, and sometimes students feel a lack of ideas. We have created this article to help students gain ideas from the lists of projects and create their own projects that help them achieve good grades in their universities and also increase their skills and confidence, which will help them crack interviews in the future.

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