Need a college project but you are busy! then don’t worry we will create yours.

Here we are providing some of the specific language-based college projects.

Currently, we are providing 5 types of projects with the lowest price. The projects are:


Project time – 1-2 days

Price – ₹ 500

In this, we will create a static site using HTML and CSS only. Here is a list of some of the static pages.

  • Tribute Page
  • Survey Form
  • Parallax Website
  • Landing Pages
  • Restaurant Website
  • Event Webpage
  • Music Store Page

we are also creating the custom project on basis of your demand.


Project time – 2-3 days

Price – ₹ 1000

Here in this project, we are including javascript to give extra features to a static site, like mouse over events, animations, etc. For creating this type of project we will use jQuery, bootstrap, and so on. Here is a list of some of the projects:

  • Clock
  • Mouse Over Elements
  • ToDo List
  • Hotel Booking
  • Login Authentication
  • Password Generator
  • Calculator
  • Tip Calculator

We are also creating a custom project in this section.


Project time – 7-8 days

Price – ₹ 2000

In the earlier section, we were creating static projects, but in this section, the projects will be dynamic. It will store the data. It can have a true user login authentication system with a backend. Here is a list of projects:

  • Ecommerce Website
  • Hotel Booking System
  • Restaurant Website
  • Student Management System
  • Car Rental System
  • Student Feedback System
  • Hospital Management System
  • Online Voting System

In this section, we will also create your custom projects.

React Native

Project time – 7-8 days

Price – ₹ 2000

In React Native, we will work only on the android apps. We will create only basic apps not so advanced. Here is a list of projects:

  • Weather App
  • Calculator
  • Restaurant App
  • Ecommerce App
  • Music App
  • Recipes App
  • News App
  • Todo App

This section also includes custom projects!


Project time – 7-8 days

Price – ₹ 2000

Here in this section, we will create a project with visual basic .net. Here is a list of projects:

  • Flappy Bird Game
  • Dinosaur Game
  • Calculator
  • Restaurant App
  • Hotel Booking System
  • Student Management System
  • Hospital Management System

This section only has these project options. Because it takes too much time to create this type of project. The custom project will be accepted if the project doesn’t take too much time to create.

*Terms & Conditions

  • No commercial use.
  • The Project will be under the copyright of CodeDesignerWorld & RareProgrammer.
  • The project cannot be shared publicly.

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