20+ Advance Javascript Projects With Source Code

Working on a web development project helps developers build their skill set, and creating a new website helps them develop critical thinking.

Web development projects include different types of languages for creating multiple websites for users.

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In this article, we will look at 20+ advanced javascript projects that will help you enhance user critical thinking and innovative designing skills.

Before we discuss the different javascript projects, we need to understand what javascript is and what its importance is in creating projects.

What is Javascript?

Javascript is an object-oriented programming language created for the web. This programming language is used for creating interactive and unique websites.

Javascript uses the concepts of OOPS, which helps make the project more advanced and user-friendly.

Importance of Javascript

Responsive Design

Javascript is purely designed for creating responsive web pages that provide a great user experience, whether the user is working on mobile phones or large-screen desktop devices.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

 Javascript makes sure your website or application appears and works the same way in all browsers by solving a lot of cross-browser compatibility problems. Javascript provides a layout that helps with testing and debugging by saving plenty of time and effort.


Javascript can also be used for adding different customization inside the functionality of the elements. The user can add, delete, animate, resize, relocate, and whatever a user can think of, all the capabilities of javascript can perform all the operations.

There is no doubt that JavaScript is a powerful language, and users need to have a deep knowledge of JavaScript to make the best use of it, but all this knowledge comes from practical learning. In this previous article, we discussed 20+ beginner JavaScript articles. Today,  we will be discussing some advanced JavaScript projects that help you understand JavaScript in-depth concepts.

20+ Advanced Javascript  Projects

1. Movie Recommendation App

The Movie Recommendation app, as the name implies, is a project that helps users decide on movies based on their interests.

This movie recommendation project uses different javascript concepts, such as working on JSON data, and APIs, and also working on user input and user interest by storing the movie beforehand.

Source Code – Movie Recommendation

2. Chat Application

Chat applications are also one of the major JavaScript projects that help users understand the concept of real-time communication and how sockets work in JavaScript. This project is a great blend of design and technology.

Source Code – Chat App

3. E-commerce Website

In the current time, almost every business is now digitized, and all of these businesses require a great, unique, and interactive website to attract users.

E-commerce websites are one of the most demanding digital supermarkets where users can buy anything with a few clicks.

These projects also use advanced JavaScript concepts to link website internal links, payment gateways, inputs, and many other concepts that help in the successful creation of e-commerce websites.

Source Code – E-commerce Website

4. Weather App with Visualization

 Weather App Visualization is a project that uses the advanced API’s concept of JavaScript to fetch the real-time weather of a particular country or city and, based on the current weather, the animation and environment of the website. For example, if the current weather in India is stormy, that would show heavily windy animation and different kinds of visuals can be achieved with the help of CSS and Javascript.

Source Code – Weather App

5. Online Code Editor

Code Editor is a web-based environment that uses different javascript and javascript-based frameworks like React.js, Three.js, and many other libraries, which helps in creating a code editor environment where users can create, compile, and get the output of the project.

Source Code – Code Editor

6. Youtube Video Summarizer

This project takes the input link from the user of different videos from YouTube and then uses the Rest API and NLP (natural language processing) to analyze the video language and transcript the whole video into summarized texts.

This project uses Typescript, which is great. You will need to use Typescript for large or complex projects.

Source Code – Transcripter

7. Random Quote Generator

In this project, you will be creating an app that displays random famous quotes each time a button is clicked. You can display a quote from a famous athlete, politician, or historical figure:

“The more you work hard, the faster you get success.”

You’ll need to use your knowledge of basic JavaScript syntax, including variables, loops, and object literals, to complete this project.

Source Code – Random Quote Generator

8. Speech Detection

The speech Detection Project is mostly used in modern AI assistants like Google, Siri, and Alexa. All these devices use speech detection APIs with NLP, which helps in understanding the user’s native language and having conversations in that particular language.

Source Code – Speech Detection

9. Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are also created with the help of JavaScript, which helps in connecting the payment gateways with banks and uses real-time APIs to fetch user data and make payments online with the associated banks.

Source Code – Payment Gateways

10. Digital Clock

Digital Clock is a javascript project that fetches the current date and time from the user browser using the javascript fetch concept and then using the CSS for customization of the date in a 3d digital clock for great user experience.

Source Code – Digital Clock

11. GST Calculator

A complete overall business solution web application that uses a javascript concept with an API to fetch the current GST rates and, based on that rating system, calculates users GST’s and then uses a different database to store the results.

Source Code – GST Calculator

12. Dictionary App

Generally, this type of project is created with the help of JavaScript and different data structure concepts, whether we need to store all the words in a dictionary or use the API for fetching the correct order of the words. So using the API’s call and request and then converting it according to the needs of the user.

Source Code – Dictionary App

13. Maze Game

You must have played several maze games, or more precisely, puzzle visual games where the goal is to find out the right arrangement to win the match.

maze games are also part of advanced JavaScript projects, this one will help you get expertise with advanced JavaScript, basic React JS, and data structures and algorithm principles.

Source Code – Maze Game

14. Voice-Controlled Web App

A voice-controlled web app uses the most advanced concepts of JavaScript that use speech-to-text recognition of humans and NLP to convert human language into computer-understandable signals.

Source Code – Voice Controlled App

15. Javascript Calculator

A Javascript calculator is a digital type of arithmetic device that performs arithmetic computations with Javascript concepts. We can create an advanced JavaScript calculator that can solve scientific calculations.

Source Code – Scientific Calculator

16. File Sharing Application

Data sending and receiving is also a big task, and a sharing application that lets users share files across the internet is the best in the world. These online file-sharing applications allow users to upload their files in a private environment and send links to the user for accessing the files.

Source Code – File Share

17. News feed

News Feed is a real-time website that provides the latest news about the environment. A news feed is a type of blogging website where we will display all the news-related articles in the form of small cards inside multiple columns of the webpage to provide multiple news stories on one page.

Source Code – News feed

18. Virtual keyboards

Virtual keyboards are on-screen keyboards that help users input different data without using a physical keyboard. This type of project uses a javascript key function for capturing keys from the user input.

Source Code – Virtual keyboard

19 Banking Website

A banking app is a web application that provides a unique interface for the customer to maintain a record of their transaction. A banking website contains all the information about the customer, and using JavaScript, we can create a user-interactive website.

Source Code – Banking

20 Social Media Dashboard

A social dashboard is a web-based user interface that gives users or social account handlers access to control and keep an eye on account reach and management of the user account. It is made with JavaScript. Because of its responsive features, style grid, and pre-designed components.

Source Code – Social Media Dashboard

21  BMI Calculator

BMI body mass index calculator This project is a completely customizable project that can be created in two ways: first, by using direct API to fetch the BMI constraints and calculate the user’s BMI, and second, by manually using BMI calculator formulas and then taking the input from the user.

Source Code – BMI Calculator


Here is a collection of 20+ advanced JavaScript projects that help you master JavaScript concepts and use these concepts to create real-world projects that help solve real-world problems.

If you like our project and want more javascript projects then do comment in the comment section #moreprojects, and I’ll bring more javascript projects for you.

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