Godot 4 2D top-down movement

How to make a 2D top-down character controller in Godot 4

A lot has changed in Godot 4. From rendering to the GD script. And this post is for those who are looking for a Godot 4 2D top-down character controller. We can create a 2D character controller using the new Godot 4 CharacterBody2D node. It is a 2D physics body node specialized for the characters moved by script. We will start by creating a separate scene for our player character. This step is optional but follow along for the sake of this tutorial....

January 15, 2023 · 5 min · 914 words · Govind Panchawat

Cool Ghost card using Three js

A Cool ghost card using Three js is one of its kind. I personally love this one. This is a 3d card created using javascript. This cool effect is created by Yugam on Codepen.io Also, Read- 3D Bounce loading animation using CSS How to create a cool ghost card using Three js? This effect is created using Three.js What is Three.js? Three.js is an open-source javascript library used to create animated 3D graphics in a browser using WebGL....

February 22, 2022 · 9 min · 1752 words · Govind Panchawat