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Today I am going to show you 10 things that you didn’t know about your android phone.

You’ll be able to adeptly make calls, send text messages, check emails, modification settings, transfer apps and everything in between.

Sure, having the proper ability to induce things done on your smartphone will cause you to want a bonafide master. howeverafter all, their square measure still hid android tricks here and there which may surprise you.

Here are ten things that, the likelihood is that you ne’er knew your android phone may do:

1: Unlock your phone automatically in your home

Smart Lock permits your automaton phone to mechanically unlock once it’s during a trustworthy location like your home or workplace.

To change sensible Lock, visit your phone’s Settings -> Security -> smart Lock then click on trusted places to feature your home or workplace location.
Note: you may get to found out a PIN, passcode or pattern lock to show on smart Lock.

2: Developers Options menu

Did you recognize that your android phone has a hidden features menu that you will access to alter advanced options?

It’s known as the Developers menu and you’ll flip it on by attending to Settings then scroll all the way down to about Phone. 

Under this section, find the Build Number then click it multiple times till you see a notification expression “you are currently X steps far away from being a developer” with X being the number of remaining clicks before the Developer choices are openwhen the seventh click, the Developer options ought to be obtainable.

With Developer menu on, your Android phone exposes to plenty of advanced settings. use caution with what you tweak in here since these choices will seriously wreck your phone. If you’re undecided what a specific developer possibility will higher leave it alone.

3: Screen magnifier

People with poor visual modality usually don’t have any plan what proportion this feature will facilitate them. simply attend Settings -> Accessibility -> Magnification gestures. Then you’ll be able to zoom on any a part of the screen simply by clicking it.

4: Display a custom lock screen message

Do you want to show your name on your Android’s lock screen?
go to Settings -> Security -> click the Screen lock icon -> Lock screen message.Here you can type your name or a specific message like “your name or XYZ”.

5: A secret game

With Android 2.3 Gingerbread and higher, Google put a secret game in all android devices. However, finding it may be difficult for some users. Here are the instructions on how to open this game. Just, go to Settings and click on About phone or About tablet. Quickly tap Android version several times, and then a small marshmallow logo shows up, quickly tap it, and a mini-game will open. Enjoy!

6: Bring back lost notifications

Accidentally swiped away the notifications but you want to read them?
you can read them in notifications log.
Click and hold on an empty part of your Android phone’s home screen, and personalization screen will pop up. Click on Widgets icon, and find the Settings shortcut icon from the list. Drag this icon to your home screen and drop it on your home screen, and a list will pop up. Click on Notification log from the list and then tap the icon to open notifications log.

7: one-handed mode

Nowadays Android phones are getting big in size, and they become harder to operate with one hand. So Google’s custom keyboard has a solution for it. A one-handed mode and you can switch to it with a just shortcut. Download the Google keyboard and set it as your default keyboard. Open up the keyboard and tap and hold on the backslash key on the keyboard. Drage to the right-hand option to enable one-handed-mode in your keyboard.

8: Set warnings for data limits

Want to set a data plan to save your data, then you are in right place.
Open settings in your Android phone and click on Data-usage. Here you can find the option to set data limits and warnings. Just tap on it and set billing cycle and data warnings and data limits for your data plan.

9: Hard Reset and Factory reset

You can Hard reset and factory reset your android phone with dialer in two ways.
Factory Reset: Dial *#*#7780#*#* to factory reset your android phone. In Factory reset your android settings will go to default settings and all the internal data will be wiped.
Hard Reset: Dial  *2767*3855# to hard reset your android. This will delete all the data including internal and External SD  card data and settings of the android phone. Don’t try to use this code for testing and fun purpose, until you are not sure what to do. It will not ask for any confirmation from you. Do it on your own risk.
10: Measure your heart rate
Do you want to measure your heart rate with your Android phone?
Well, your android can do it. All you need to go to play store and download the app named “Instant heart rate”. Open the app you downloaded from play store and place your index finger’s tip on your android phone’s camera lens. And in a few seconds, the app will display your heart rate.
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